Infrastructure Finance

Infrastructure projects and assets are vital elements to the community. With direct entrée to principal financiers and investors specialising in funding infrastructure projects primarily in developing countries, we are able to arrange financing for medium and large projects such as airports, seaports, transportation systems, communication networks, utility facilities, schools, hospitals and large scale social housing projects.

The financing of infrastructure projects typically comprising of debt and equity can either be private or publicly funded coming from a variety of sources such as institutional investors, corporations, governments, supranational agencies like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and capital markets.

The stable cash flow profile and asset-backed nature of infrastructures provide a degree of comfort to lenders. As a result, infrastructure financing typically involves high levels of debt with the remainder of the funding requirements taken up in equity.

Debt finance comes in the form of senior or junior debt (including mezzanine) and financing has historically been provided by the banking sector.

Equity participation is usually taken up by investors entitling them to participate in the revenues and equity appreciation of the infrastructure.